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mrdots dating my daughter 4chan

change this if bug-rate keeps. Patches tend to grow in size anyway. Changelogs as part of documentation help keep track of changes. Smooth speed dating audi a1 and easy. You do shekel much dev, don't ya? Well, others do it, why shouldn't I?

Fucken get serious about what you call your 'job dev. You could do little scripts to delete old and add new files, to be run as exes. Guess you know what I mean). You're a bloody luser, better get serious.

Most faggots here don't have such jobs to compare after all, with this kind of labour practice and workload. 18436 Jesus Christ this is maximum autism. Jesus Christ, cited from my bloody Patreon page. You probably need. Get used to it, even if it seems silly. I'm hardcore, know my shit, am used. As I wrote game gonna get bigger for sure, you won't keep fixing one bug at a time. How else could I start taking for granted what you comment. Just an idea, you need to test run. Start with compiling changelog from the beginning, make it public. But fucken try ffs.

Try hard, you succeed. Better bring small bugfix patches to make sure game is playable at certain level / content version. Well, /me is project management fag. Shekel less and offer walkthroughs for last version, too.