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Dating english stanley planes

dating english stanley planes

the improved design by the number of parts it has - the early one only has a two-part cap. The brass plate was introduced by Brandt in his later planes, and used by Thorested as well. This Stanley 100 with the squirrel tail tote was made in the 1930s, and the #101 in the foreground has the early Stanley inscription, which would date it to 18771884. Popping mitre that sold on ebay in September 2017 for 1,375.00. Adjustable version of no 32 in Norris 1930 catalogue. . 50th Street, where he worked as a cabinetmaker. Large, heavy 18th century low angle instrument makers plane, 8 3/8 long and 2 1/8 wide. Both mitre and rabbet planes made by Thorested are scarce, because his period of tool production was cut short, and limited to the 1850s. . Popping bullnose planes, same casting pattern, but slightly different as a result of hand finishing. He stamped most of his tools in the old style. 9 in 1896 money, but less than the.50 for the equivalent Erlandsen mitre,.

Robert Towell is generally recognized as the first full time maker of infill planes, first mitre planes, and then later some rabbet planes, and a handful of panel planes. . These also make great paint scrapers. Other differences are the bottom one has a strike button and the body is nickel plated, while the one on the top does not have a strike button and is not plated. . Moon made his own iron mitre planes, also featuring a Cupids bow on the bridge, as did many English makers of wrought iron mitre planes in the early 19th century. A side handle for the #9 is not shown here. Julius became an authority in metallurgy. The plane's steel body, with a japanned interior, has two circular cutouts along the arched sides in this plane's version of the Hand-y grip (the lengths Stanley would go to make something different, yet the same, are mind-numbing). The rosewood plane (l. Popping bullnose planes,.S. Music Trades Review, 1919. Photo m c 2005.

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